Homemesh 居家市集


♦ Applicable Range:

Residence, shopping centers, public places, offices, restaurants, hotels… etc.

♦ Safety: 

This product has gained many patents from various countries.  AC power source can be connected or completely separated from the charger via the push button switch of the device.

 -  When the device is switched off, AC power source separates from the charger completely, avoiding no-load energy wasting or accidents that may threaten human life or property, such as fire.

 - It has built-in voltage transformer, which provides overload, overheating and lightening protection.

♦ Energy Saving: 

When the device is switched off, AC power source separates from the charger completely, avoiding no-load overheating and energy wasting.

♦ Convenience: 

Having a USB socket saves the hassle of finding and needing to bring a charger with you constantly.

♦ Combination Varieties: 

This product is compatible with current sockets.  Install the desired number of devices according to personal needs. 

♦ Economy: 

The size of USB socket matches normal sockets.  With easy assembling steps, this product can be installed any time without extra cost of money.

♦ Safety Certifications & Energy Saving Marks from Various Countries: 

This product has a number of safety requirement certifications (America UL-cRU, CB Report, China CCC, Japan PSE, Taiwan BSMI, European Union CE, Level V, FCC… etc.), as well as the quality assurance of green energy saving certification.  No external chargers will be required again after installing this product.

♦ Patents: 

This product has exclusive patent rights of wall-mounted USB sockets in China, Taiwan, Japan, US, Germany… etc. It will no doubt provide more convenience in life.

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