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Hand Tool Nail Puller Clip Pry Bar

Multi-function hand tool, it could be a wonderful surviving tool except working. The opening size of clip wrecker is exchangeable according to your need. When pick-off some item, the powerful fulcrum of our product could save your strength and complete it more easer. The open wrench or nail puller on the other side could be customizing according to your request. A piece of “Trident-Wrecker” equals a set of hammer, rebar bender, hook crow bar, wood wrecker and clipper, small tie rod puller, knob remover, open and inner spanner. Not only save your money,

but also save your life. Our life is impermanence, and full of unknowing changes. When the disasters come, such as earthquake, typhoon or hurricane, if you kept one of our “Trident-Wrecker” at home, you could clear those obstacles easily in the primetime to escape.

品牌: TONSCO 產地: 台灣
型號: TRW-50241 顏色: 合金鋼和熱鍛
商品規格: 價格: 0


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