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NPSS 奈米圖案化藍寶石晶圓 Nano Patterned Sapphire Substrate (NPSS)

產品特色 (Characteristics of Products)

  • 適用於高亮度藍光/綠光LED磊晶成長

  • 降低氮化鎵薄膜單位面積上的缺陷密度

  • 提升內部量子效率

  • 提升LED器件的光萃取效能

  • NPSS微結構高度低,提升LED磊晶製程良率

  • 單片以及批次生產良率高

  • 波長集中性佳

  • Blue and Green LED epitaxial growth base

  • Less dislocations and defects caused by materials' mismatch in the GaN-based layers

  • Improved the Internal Quantum Efficiency

  • Increased the Light Extraction Efficiency

  • Easy for epitaxial growth

  • High yield rate

  • Excellent wavelength concentrative

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