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2000 系列 窄頭型平推逃生門鎖 Narrow Head Exit Devices

2000 Series Exit Devices


2000 Series Narrow Head Exit Devices and Trims are designed for new or retrofit installation into other manufacturers' devices. Push Bar assembly's smooth and reduced projection minimizes catch hazard. Device function is field selectable by adaptation with selected type of trim. A full complement of lever trim is available in wide range of architectural finishes. 2000 Series are made to comply with the highest safety and security standards in industry. Devices and trims are UL/cUL listed for Panic Hardware or Fire Hardware. They are certified to ANSI/ UL305 and ANSI/BHMA A156.3 Grade 1. 2000 Series provides superior durability for high impact applications such as offices, schools, banks, assisted living facilities and other institutions or commercial buildings.



The 2000 Series Narrow Head Exit Devices are fabricated and blended with simplicity,
strength, durability, aesthetics and installer-friendly innovations.


  • Devices and trims are designed for new or retrofit installation into other manufacturers' exit devices and trims.

  • Made to comply with the highest safety and security standards in industry.

  • UL/cUL listed for panic hardware or 3-hour fire rated exit hardware.

  • Certified to ANSI/UL305 and ANSI/BHMA A156.3 Grade 1.




Special plastic inserts and rubber bumpers reduce noise and don’t fail under high or low temperatures. Impervious to petroleum lubricants.


Detachable center case allows switching between mechanical and electrical options which replaces the need of buying two complete sets.


Center Case with maximum versatility, Surface and Concealed Vertical Rods can be adjusted inside the center case with an ingenious rod holder design.


Cross spindle offers additional strength.


Replaceable cam breaks at predetermined load to prevent further damage of the trim mechanism. Handing change is simple and easy, just remove screw and cam from mechanism and rotate lever to desired position, then replace cam and fasten the screw.


Center Case mounting plate made of heavy gauge steel adding extra strength.


Stainless steel latch and deadlatching blade add perceived value.


Stamped Center Case Cover made with any commercial finishes, fits minimum 2” stile.


Steel die cast rocker arm designed for heavy loads.


Push Bar is smoothly surfaced. Reduced projection minimizes catch hazard.


Integrated End Cap and pivot add push pad stability and make the bar move smoothly regardless of where the pressure is applied on push pad.


Dogging can be done with an allen wrench, a small flat key or a flat blade screwdriver.


Flush End Cap design.


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品牌: klacci 產地: 台灣
型號: 2000 顏色: 亮面黃銅(605)、砂面黃銅(606)、亮面丹銅(611)、砂面丹銅(612)、染黑(613)、亮鉻(625)、霧鉻(626)、砂面不鏽鋼(630)
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