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i 系列 智慧安全門禁系統 Access Control Solutions

Access Control Solutions


Intelligent. Secure. Convenient.        


The i Series Standalone Access Control Solutions combine the advanced technology of Radio Frequency Identification (RFID) with I-TEK's manufacturing expertise and experience, bringing forth a new series of high-quality products that reflects the modern lifestyle. Collocate to use with choices of I-TEK's highly performed lock series, you will be comfortable to know that you have the right product in place to meet your security needs.


With Klacci's APP KEY mobile app, turn your smartphone into a digital key for your door lock. Using the near field communication technology (NFC), easily manage access authorization, define access time and keep track of the entry log. Say goodbye to your keys and welcome the new convenient way.


Here comes a revolution as the addition of intelligent communication and management will upgrade your access control to a completely new level of convenience and security. Experience the unlimited possibilities of intelligent communication technology in your hands with the i Series Access Control Solutions.


Smart Access Control

Residential / Light Commercial         


Perfect solution for smaller applications such as homes or small businesses, where the number of access grants and management is relatively small.


No need for an access management system nor complicated settings to achieve an effective control over your door access.



Large Commercial                 


Large commercial businesses require a strict control over personnel access and audit trail record. For such cases the incorporation of a management system can result in a better management of large amount of data.


What is more, enjoy the benefits of the active keyfob which allows doors to detect you within range and automatically unlocks for your immediate access.


i_Large Commercial_01       


All-in-one integration        


One of Klacci's main goals is to provide all the security solutions and services that our customers deserve.


As communication technology advancement improves lifestyle quality, it inspires us to reflect this motivation in our products and services. That is why our all-in-one integration solution is the key to unlocking your life.




Security and administration you can hold onto








The right access control solution in the palm of your hand         


The i Series access control solutions feature a mobile app that enhances your administration and convenience experience.


Easily manage your entries with klacci's APP KEY, a smartphone app designed to provide a wide range of functions:


  • Access grant to other unlocking devices.

  • Obtain registry of all entry logs.

  • Manage and customize access restrictions.

  • Create personal information databank.

  • Manage and customize access time allowance.

  • Create, edit or remove personal information databank.




APP KEY: simplifying access and management like never done before        


No matter if you are the administrator or simply an access granted personnel, access and management can be easily performed with APP KEY.


Feel the freedom of granting digital keys to other NFC smartphones or Mifare® cards at any time and place by selecting the "add user" option and approach the administrator smartphone with the device to be granted access. The data can be transmitted by synching the smartphone with the Access control device.









i_002 i_003       


  • Use of Smartphone App as controller's management setting platform allows the addition, deletion and personal information editing of personnel, as well as setting their access time allowance.

  • The NFC Smartphone can obtain access management authority by reading the master card via the app. Users without access management authority are only capable of unlocking the lock.

  • Compatible with LF Series Cylindrical Locks, M Series Mortise Locks and 300 Series Exit Device Trims.

  • Provides User Interface for access registry tracking of personnel, with entry search and order options.

  • Adjustable unlocking time from 1 to 126 seconds.

  • Door controller unlocking time can be modified to 1-126 sec within the app settings or through the switches on controller board.

  • 10,000 event audit trail.

  • DPS (Door Position Switch) available.

  • Provided with buzzer for access action notification.

  • UL Listed for Fire Doors.

  • UL/cUL Listed to safety standards


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品牌: klacci 產地: 台灣
型號: i 顏色: 亮面黃銅(605)、砂面黃銅(606)、亮面丹銅(611)、砂面丹銅(612)、染黑(613)、亮鉻(625)、霧鉻(626)、砂面不鏽鋼(630)
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