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Project Name / 項目名稱: Illy Shop Location / 地點: Milan,Italy Design Company / 

設計公司: Caterina Tiazzoldi Design Team / 

燈光團隊:Lorenza Croce, Federico Rizzo, Roberta Musso, Alessio Primavera, Monica Pianosi, Mauro Fassino, Zsofia Ujhelyi, Mukesh Rosso Photos / 

攝影: Luca Campigotto, Federico Rizzo


Illy咖啡店是一家位於義大利米蘭的概念店。 其設計理念是,用相同元素——45×45cm的立方體小盒 子——的排列組合來重構空間。 為了適應不同空間構成,商店由200個立方體組成。立方 體這一個元素組成了桌子、櫃檯、倉庫、照明系統、視頻畫 面、通訊設施,甚至垃圾桶等各種物件。 根據商品的不同功能和屬性——是否需要直接取到商品、 擺放的數量、形狀大小——配置不同的模組,這樣就可以很好 地展示商店內的不同物品。 整個立方體系統源於牆和天花板,並逐漸向四周擴散。空 間形成一個有機的統一體,如同一個好玩的遊戲,引導顧客的 視線由一件商品轉向另一個商品。


Illy Shop is a concept store realized in Milano, Galleria SanCarlo.

The concept is conceived for a reconfigurable store, characterized by different modulations of a single element, a “cube” which is 45x45cm-squared base.

The shop is created by 200 cubes and specifically designed to adapt to different dimensional composition of Illy Café products. The same unit is used for the table, desk counter, storage, lighting system, video frames, communication, and recycling bins.

By  reconfiguring the  different modules according  to the performances required, (accessibility of the products from the outside, number of item to display, level     of transparency desired,product size) it becomes feasible to represent different characteristics of the Illy products, while the solution also allows fitting it into different locations.

The system engender from the walls and the ceiling, creating a disoriented expansion. The differentiated space dimensions appears to become one, transforming it into a game where user’s sight shifts from an object to another discovering the inside.




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原文出處:FRASHION Shop-時尚店鋪設計          

作者/《國際最新室內設計》編寫組     出版社/拓客         




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