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Project Name / 項目名稱: Alain Ducasse Restaurant Location / 

地點:   New York, NY Area /

 面積:  230m2 

Client / 業主: Alain Ducasse,Starwood Hotels and Resorts Design Company / 

設計公司: Rockwell Group



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項目設計者在酒吧外設計了 一個玫瑰花形的圖示。客人對玫 瑰花擺擺手,它就能對其動作做出回應。玫瑰花形展開後呈現出花瓣狀每一片花瓣都有一個特定的與酒品的內涵相關的主題,包含其產地(例如國家地圖,區 域地圖,次區域地圖),葡萄品種,生產產商,口感等


阿杜爾設計了兩個品酒室, 裡面裝有宴會坐椅和低矮的山羊皮作為表面材質的銅質桌子,能容納人數不是太多的小團體在這裡品酒,品酒室與主餐廳相鄰, 內設簡單而高雅的樣式 的玻璃櫥窗樣式的窗戶,面朝阿斯特球場。 


受到 閱覽室的 設計啟發, 擁有72個個座位的主餐廳由大量的葡萄酒環繞。這些美酒擺放在一個能控制溫度的大型櫃子中, 作為陳設點綴房屋的設計。設計利用了新古典的設計理念:為現存的建築表面覆上一層淡紫色的金屬薄薄片,表面有一層透明的藝術玻璃,嵌入一種抽象的葡萄藤樣式的圖案,這是由當地藝術家 Casey Maher設計而成的。



餐廳內有四個醒酒點,設置在空間的轉角處。這些專門設計的醒酒點由一張長長的曲線形桌子組成,一側有一盞燈,另一側是一個裝葡萄酒 容器。在這裡客人可以親眼目睹酒侍的備酒過程。主餐廳後是三個雅間Left Bank, Right Bank 和 River Room。Left Bank和Right Bank都是橢圓形房子,有反光天花板和由針織物覆蓋的牆面,每個;房間裡能容納12個人用餐。這兩間屋子位於相對的兩個屋角,由River Room連接。River Room 是一個矩形的房間。這三間屋子外有一副很大的壁畫,是享有盛譽的紐約藝術家Nancy Lorenz繪製。壁畫描繪的是廚師的出生地Ducasse附近的 阿杜爾河,金色、淡紫色的色調與內嵌的珍珠和諧統一。 


主餐廳一側是一個雅間,能容納12人。此房間內裝有一張3米多長的餐桌,上面鋪有山羊皮。餐桌上有一個帶金色斑點的玻璃球狀裝置,該設置由藝術家Ken Gangbar設計。

此外,還有50個皮革覆蓋表面的私人"酒窖"每一個能裝12瓶酒和製酒輔料。"酒窖"所有者會用一個特定 的小冊子記錄下儲藏的酒品,並且保存那些寶貴的葡萄酒標籤。

The projection system beams a rosette-shaped icon on surface of the bar. Guests simply draw their hand across the bar and the program responds to their movement. The rosette icon opens up to display petals. Each petal is designated with a topic related to the wine’s essentials including origin (i.e., country map, region map, sub-region map), varietals, producer, tasting hues and elements. 

Tasting Lounges 

Adour features two tasting lounges with banquette seating and low bronze tables with goatskin surfaces, allowing small groups to have wine tastings. The tasting lounges, which are located to the side of the main dining room, have simple and elegant vitrine-like windows that open up the space to Astor Court. 

Main Dining Area 

Inspired by a library reading room, the 72-seat main dining area is surrounded by the restaurant’s extensive collection of wine displayed in temperature-controlled armoires that will also help define the space. The design plays on the old and the new: the existing architecture is covered  in lavender leaf and sheathed in a backlit translucent seeded glass veil embedded with an abstract grapevine pattern by Casey Maher, a local artist. Furnishings are upholstered in wine-colored leather.  


p51-2.jpg    p51-3.jpg


In the center of the room, custom plum-colored Murano chandelier by the Italian manufacturer Barovier is suspended above a champagne-hued illuminated glass table. `The dining room has four decanting stations, one at each corner. The custom-designed stations are comprised of a long curved table with a lamp on one end and an uplit recessed glass wine bucket on opposite end. The stations will allow guests to witness the sommelier’s process of preparing wine for serving. 

The back of the main dining area features three small private dining rooms – the  Left Bank, Right Bank and River Room. The Left Bank and Right Bank are oval-shaped rooms with mirrored ceilings and fabric covered walls that seat 12 guests each.    

The two roomsare located at opposite corners and are joined by the River Room, a rectangular dining room. The three rooms are visually linked by a large  five panel mural by the acclaimed New York artist Nancy Lorenz. The mural depicts the Adour River, which is located near the birthplace of Chef Ducasse, in lustrous gold and lavender tones with inlaid mother of pearl detailing. 

Private Vault Room

 Located off to the side of the main dining room is the Private Vault Room, a private dining space that seats up to 12 guests. The room will feature an 11-foot-long dining table with a parchment goatskin tabletop. The dining table will be shrouded by an installation of  gold flecked glass spheres  by artist Ken Gangbar. In addition, there will be 50 leather-covered personal wine vaults.  Each locker provides storage for up to 12 bottles   (or 6 magnums) of wine and wine accessories.  Vault owners will be given  a custom designed album to record and preserve their cherished wine labels.





原文出處:UNIQUE Restaurant:風格餐廳設計                   

作者/《國際最新室內設計》編寫組     出版社/拓客         




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