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Project Name / 項目名稱: Nobu Dubai Location / 

地點: Atlantis The Palm, Palm Jumeirah,  Dubai Area / 

面積: 1070m2Client / 業主: Nobu / Kerzner Design Company / 

設計公司: Rockwell Group



本設計引進了許多新的理念,最終打造出 Nobu57旗艦店。使用天然材料和進行可持續設計。大面積的電腦製造的材料覆蓋餐館的牆壁和天花板,從而創造了一種流暢的、曲線形的用餐環境。


18米長的曲線岩石牆和播放盛開櫻花的螢幕是酒吧入口的標誌。整個酒吧由將近8釐米厚的堅固的木板製成。洛克威爾集團開發了一種曲線形、透明的面板,能夠投射由Michael Palladino拍攝的大型櫻花照片,這些面板圍繞在中心區域形成了較為私密的酒吧間空間。


麻織材料編織成的❳板環繞著主餐廳,營造出一 種沉浸在海浪中的感覺。客人坐在長椅上用餐,五彩繽紛的牆板從天花板垂向地面,有如瀑布一般。


與凸顯流線美的麻質牆板和透明結構相呼應的是直線型的壽司吧。壽司吧所有的表面都由嵌入 磨石中的紫竹覆蓋。一個白色竹製平臺構成了壽司大廚施展才華的藝術舞臺。




In Dubai, Rockwell Group has created an extension of the Nobu brand for the first Middle East location. The design  is an evolution of many of the concepts developed for the flagship Nobu 57, such as the emphasis on craftsmanship, natural materials and storytelling. Large-scale computer generated woven panels surround the restaurant walls and ceiling, creating a fluid, curvilinear environment for dining.


p95-2.jpg  95-4.JPG


A 60 foot long curved river rock wall and laser cut metal screen of cherry blossoms mark the entry to the bar. The bar itself is made from 3 inch thick solid timber planks with a backlit onyx front. For the lounge, Rockwell Group has developed curved translucent flower panels with cast images of custom large scale cherry blossom photographs by Michael Palladino, which form an elliptical shape around the center of the space to form an area for private events. Main Dining AreaThree dimensional woven abaca panels surround the main dining room, creating an experience akin to being immersed under an ocean wave. Guests sit on uplit woven banquettes formed by these colorful panels, cascading down from the ceiling towards the floor.

Sushi Bar 

Juxtaposed with the curving fluidity of the abaca panels and their translucent forms is the rectilinear sushi bar. All surfaces of  the  sushi bar are encased in black bamboo embedded terrazzo. A white bamboo proscenium forms a theatrical backdrop for the sushi chefs at work. This space is flanked on one side by a frosted blue mirror service bar, and   on the other by a curved plaster wall encrusted with metalwork flowers encasing the private dining room.

Private Dining Room 

Wooden arches greet the guests entering the private dining room. The walls of this space are covered with glowing sake bottles and custom artwork on two sides. Overhead the metallic ceiling in punctuated with a glowing composition of custom suspended pendants.



原文出處:UNIQUE Restaurant:風格餐廳設計                   

作者/《國際最新室內設計》編寫組     出版社/拓客         




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