Homemesh 居家市集

生命系列 - 蜂收 Harvesting

形體設計:高才虔 / Shape designed by Tsai-Chien Kao

圖騰設計:劉育琪 / Graphic designed by Yu-Chi Liu

金黃的身影, 揮動輕薄的琥珀色翅翼, 在花果間來回飛舞, 花粉隨著牠的痕跡, 擴展與傳播生命, 在這之間, 創造出甜蜜的滋味。

The golden figure beating its light and amber wings, Flys among the flowers and fruits. The pollen follows its trace, Expanding and spreading the life. Among this, The sweet taste is created.

黄金色の姿 軽薄な琥珀色の羽をばたばたさせ 花と果実の間で舞い回す その跡に、花粉を広げ 生命の種を蒔きまわす 命の甘さも作りまわす



 Design notes:

During the honey-gathering, bees also spread the pollens. 70% of the plants around us are pollinated by bees to bloom and fruit, thus bees play an important role in the balance of natural eco-system. The slim figure has great influence. Without bees, there would be no agriculture. Please do appreciate when enjoying and eating flowers and fruits.





Life Series:

Life Series meet the Aqua cup. Water is the source of life, while the earth (pottery) is the cradle of life. The Earth Mother provides all the materials and love to all creatures. But at the same time, she also needs our love and caring.




  1. 注意:請勿以鐵刷或較硬質的清潔用品洗刷,以防止陶瓷品表面刮傷。

  2. 注意:可以放置在微波爐、洗碗機、滾燙熱水中洗滌。

  3. 本商品為手工產品,杯口非100%正圓,容量與尺寸±3%內皆屬良品。

  4. 本商品若有破損,黑點、針孔等瑕疵問題,請洽本公司客服人員退換貨。

  5. 正確色彩請參考實際商品。

Watch list during application:

  1. Beware:Do not clean with iron brush or cleaning utensils made of hard and solid materials to protect the surface of porcelain being scratched.

  2. Beware:It can be washed in microwave oven, dish washing machine or boiling hot water.

  3. This merchandise is handicraft product with the mug not 100% round in shape, but for those with capacity and size within ±3% are rated as good quality.

  4. If ever there is any damage or blemish spot or pinholes, etc, please contact this company’s customer service for exchange of merchandise.

  5. For accurate coloring, please refer to the actual products of merchandise.


  1. 注意:陶磁製品の表面が傷つきますので、ワイヤブラシ或いは硬質の清掃用品で擦り洗いしないでください。

  2. 電子レンジでの加熱、皿洗い機、熱湯での洗浄が可能です。

  3. 本製品に破損、黒点、ピンホール等の瑕疵があった場合、当社の顧客サービス係りに返品或いは交換をご相談ください。

  4. 正確な色彩は実際の商品を参考にしてください。



Instructions of absorbent cup pad:

Without glaze, the cup pad is molded by dry powder under the firing temperature of 1200℃, so it has pores. That’s why it absorbs water. Therefore, if colored liquid attaches to it, marks will be left. If this happens, remove them quickly so that the marks can be reduced.



品牌: 產地:
型號: 顏色:
商品規格: 長:80 寬:80 高:130 價格: 560

促銷價:$560 (促銷期間 : 2016-11-03 )

資料來源:佳鼎國際股份有限公司(新旺集瓷) 、網址: http://www.cocera.com.tw/、Email : service@shus.com.tw、電話 : 02-26788868、傳真 : 02-26798581、地址 : 新北市鶯歌區尖山埔路81號3樓


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