M1 系列 匣式鎖 Mortise Lock

  • M1 系列 匣式鎖 Mortise Lock

M1 系列 匣式鎖 Mortise Lock

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M1 Series Mortise Lock

ANSI Grade 1 Heavy Duty         

The M1 Series Mortise Locks are produced by I-TEK Metal Mfg Co. in Taiwan under ISO 9001 quality management, which is system certified by Underwriter Laboratories. I-TEK's test facility complies with ISO17025 and it is certified by Intertek under a continuous re-inspection program.

Furthermore, Klacci is a registered member of Builders Hardware Manufacturers Association BHMA, as well as continuously ensuring that we follow up-to-date ANSI Standards with rigorous inspections by Intertek and Underwriter Laboratories. Our aim is to make our customers feel secure in the knowledge that high-quality products are provided.   


  • M1 Series is a heavy duty commercial mortise lock. All bolts are made of stainless steel with most working parts inside the case made of high strength steel alloy. It is UL listed for 3-Hour fire rating and meets/exceeds the ANSI/BHMA A156.13 Grade 1 specification.

  • The lock case has 3-5/8" (92mm) center cylinder to spindle dimension, allowing the lock to retrofit most manufacturers' mortise lock without or with minimal door prep modification thus maximizing the replacement capabilities.

  • The lock case is non-handed; reversibility without disassembling the lock case allows a full complement of functions. A single lock case for all trims allows excellent trim design combination flexibilities.

  • A special feature of this lock is that the lever or knob is retained by lever/knob keeper. The material of the lever/knob is pressure zinc cast standard. Steps of installation are minimal with rose and escutcheon snap-on parts. Consult factory for other trim materials (Stainless Steel or Solid Brass).


Solid one-piece latch made of stainless steel. The anti-friction curve design provides enhanced life cycle with reduced wear to the strike, adding strength and security.

Working parts are made of high-strength steel alloy.

Spindle designed to break when an excessive force is applied, thus protecting the lock case from further damage.

Spring cassette design enhances protection against lever sagging, providing a firm and positive horizontal lever return position.

Solid brass or pressure zinc cast lever retained by knob keeper, outside lever cannot be removed from outside.

High-precision standard or I/C cylinders offer high security and reliability.

Varied sectional and escutcheon trim options available to meet different needs and preferences.

Cylinder to spindle center is 3-5/8” (92mm) which enables retrofit in most manufacturers’ mortise locks.

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